Our Village – People and the Nature / English

Our Village – People and the Nature / English

With the simplest language, Sándor began his account of how he tried to incarnate the ideal of unity in everything he did. 

Giving a Soul to the City

A group of farmers was very much in touch with each other and their joys, pains and progress … They felt they had a mission. Their relationship with nature, such a source of wisdom, was able to share with people living in the city. This simple little spark is a meeting with city mayors.

From the meetings between the farmers and the local administration. In September 2016, they experienced a meeting, the beginning of the meeting. Some 350 people took part in the gathering, including 20 mayors. 

The 2cnd meeting was held last September in the Hungarian Municipality of Újkígyós, in the South of the country, despite the freezing weather, 500 people attended. 27 stands were set up to sell cheese, handmade rugs, honey, small furniture and marmalade … With gratuitousness and much generosity of farmers from many communes, boroughs and villages, offered the best of culinary and artisan products. They also took horses and gave them to children. It was a real feast for the whole population.

The conference speakers included specialists in the fields of ecology, agriculture, noise pollution, farming, as well as genetics. This was not only the realizable path for making a contribution towards the authentic fraternity. Even the local Mayor, who brought folkloristic groups, confided that he was seeing a “new soul” in the community. The parish priest underscored the efficacy of evangelizing in this way, which he experienced there.

One of the organisers told me: “We did not have any idea of the tents, to the tables. Here, as you can see, we’re all like brothers and sisters, because out in the villages, human relationships are the winning force.  

There is another kind of people in the city. They form circles, common interest groups, entertainment spots … but the people are isolated. They do not know the people in their own condominium building. The farmers, because of their contact with nature, nurture a religious soul. Pope Francis continually calls us to do. “Franciscan Friar, Csaba Böjte, OFM, from Transylvania, Romania, also spoke at the event. He is famous for his childhood and teenagers in difficult family problems. Currently there are 82 homes, and they welcome 2500 children.

Sándor’s work is a pebble dropped into the ocean, but the circle is widening.

Tannino Minuta



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